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Cardiovascular Disorder Screening Near You in Prescott, AZ

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Cardiovascular Disorder Screening Near You in Prescott, AZ

A cardiovascular disorder is an ailment affecting your heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately, many disorders and diseases only show overt symptoms when they are in more advanced stages. Screening for these disorders early not only catch these conditions earlier, but it makes it much easier to treat. Many people do not get regular screenings because they don’t have the time, or their doctor is never available.At GF Medical Primary & Immediate Care, no appointment is needed as we are also a walk-in clinic. Therefore, you can come to our state of the art medical facility when it suits your schedule!

During a standard screening at our center, we are screening for high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. We measure your blood pressure by placing a rubber cuff around your arm and inflating it. Normal blood pressure for those under 60 years old as defined by the American Heart Association is 140/60.If you are over 60 years old, it rises to 150/90.Anything higher than that is considered high blood pressure. The causes of high blood pressure require additional testing, which we can do at our facility.These include blood tests measuring cholesterol, electrolytes, creatinine levels, blood urea nitrogen, and special tests of hormones. Depending on how long you’ve suffered from high blood pressure, additional tests may be needed to assess any eye or kidney damage.

Another cardiovascular issue our primary care physicians can screen for is coronary artery disease, often known as heart disease. This occurs when plaque builds up in your arteries to dangerous levels.This plaque can cause blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks. It also can restrict the blood flow to your heart, starving it of oxygen. Catching heart disease early is key to managing it and reversing its effects. Our doctors in Prescott, AZ can determine if you have coronary artery disease and the extent of it. We can determine this through a physical exam, a review of your family history and a variety of diagnostic tests. These include an electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), an exercise stress test, echocardiogram, and others. All tests are conducted inside our state of the art primary and immediate care center. The results of this test and other tests can be forwarded to any other specialists at your request.

Don’t put off screening for cardiovascular diseases another day, especially if your family has a history of it. Regular screening and testing not only ensures your good health but also good quality of life. If we do discover something, we will work with you to get back on a healthy path again and manage it.

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