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Prescription Refills at Primary Care & Walk-in Clinic in Prescott, AZ

GF Medical Can Get Your Prescriptions Refilled. For New Prescriptions, CallĀ (928) 756-0327 to Schedule a Visit with a Family Doctor.

Prescription Refills For refills on medication(s), call the pharmacy and request a refill even if your prescription says you have no refills left. The pharmacy will fax us for authorization of the refill. Please allow a minimum of 72 hours for the process to be completed. For medication follow-up, Dr. Gladhart will tell you how often follow up is needed in order to continue to receive medication, and this is based on your specific medical history and diagnosis. Some medications are followed at a minimum of every 3-6 months, so please be aware you may need to schedule an appointment with the doctor before securing a refill. If you change your prescription plan, please notify us as soon as possible.
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