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Procedures in Prescott, AZ

GF Medical Primary Care & Walk-in Care Clinic Offers Procedures & Services for EKG, Pulmonary Function Testing and Minor Skin Procedures. Call (928) 756-0327 to Schedule an Appointment.

Procedures in Prescott, AZ

If all goes well, when you visit a primary care physician, you should be in and out with a clean bill of health. However, there are times when your doctor will need you to get some further testing for health concerns or a minor procedure. Unfortunately, they often always recommend the same person whose schedule is already packed. Instead of waiting weeks for an important test or procedure, come to GF Medical Primary & Immediate Care. Our walk-in clinic in Prescott, AZ can take care of you today with no appointment needed. We have a variety of advanced testing equipment onsite and can perform minor procedures. We can forward the results of all testing and procedures to your primary care physician or other specialists at your request.

A typical service we offer is an EKG. Sometimes called an ECG, this is shorthand for an electrocardiogram. It helps our doctors look for signs of heart disease. During this test, small electrodes will be attached to your skin on your chest, arms, and legs to take readings.This test can check the rhythm of your heart, see if you have poor blood flow to your heart muscle, check for abnormal things, and diagnose a heart attack. The best part of this test is that it is quick, painless, and safe.Our skilled technicians can get you in and out with the results of your EKG quickly.

Another important test we offer at our medical facility is pulmonary function tests, also known as PFTs. These tests focus on how well your lungs function.They include tests of your lung volume and spirometry, the actual measure of your breath. We also can measure how much oxygen is getting into your blood. Taking a deep breath is great, but if the oxygen isn’t getting where it needs to go, it does you little good. To test this, we will measure your pulse oximetry and arterial blood gas. Finally, we can test for lung inflammation by measuring for nitric oxide.As you can see, our team of doctors and medical staff are pretty thorough here at GF Medical in Prescott, AZ. Rest assured we can accurately perform your needed PFT and forward the results to any doctor.

Many doctors can identify minor skin problems, but not everyone will be able to remove them. Skin tags, cysts, and other minor skin problems while are usually not life-threatening, they do affect your quality of life. You don’t need a hospital surgeon to help remove these annoying ailments. Our board-certified doctors at GF Medical can perform minor skin procedures for you. While no appointment is necessary, we do suggest you bring any records with you for our doctor to examine before the procedure. We can at your request send away samples for further testing and forward all results to your doctor.

GF Medical in Prescott, AZ is open Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm and on Friday from 8 am to 2 pm. Our primary and immediate walk-in clinic accepts most major insurances, and we have self-pay options available for the uninsured. Visit our insurance page to see a list of carriers we work with and feel free to call our friendly staff at 928-756-0327 if you don’t find your insurance listed.We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel better.

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